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Gas Equipment

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Murex Welding Products Saffire brand celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2006. Since the introduction of the first Saffire nozzle mix gas welding and cutting system, the brand has become synonymous with absolute safety in all aspects of oxy-fuel welding and cutting.

Saffire is a truly earth shaking revolution - and remains the safest yet.

Remember "Make it Saffire, Keep it Safe".

Saffire 300 Series 2+ Multi-Stage Regulators
Saffire 300 Series 1ec Single-Stage Regulators
Saffire Heavy Duty & Pipeline Regulators
Shielding Gases
Side Entry Regulators

Safety Devices
Flashback Arrestors

Welding and Cutting Blowpipes
Saffire Welding and Cutting Blowpipes

Welding, Cutting and process Nozzles
Saffire Welding, Cutting and Process Nozzles

Hose and Fittings
Saffire Hose and Fittings

Welding, Cutting and Heating Outfits
Saffire Welding, Cutting and Heating Outfits

Cutting Machines
Portable Pipe Cutting & Bevelling Machine

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