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29th January 2010


Murex Welding Products has released new literature on the Tradesmig range of MIG welding composite power sources.  The Tradesmig range fulfils a wide range of light duty professional and DIY welding requirements.  From the portable and compact Tradesmig 141 to the top of the range 300C and 350C industrially rated models, the Tradesmig range incorporates a number of advanced features that promote outstanding welding characteristics.


The Tradesmig 141 is a single phase 230V lightweight, compact MIG welding machine designed for use with both conventional solid and self shielded cores wires.  It is suitable for welding steel, stainless steel, aluminium and for versatility can also be used for MIG brazing.


The Tradesmig 171, 201 and 251 power sources are single phase step controlled MIG/MAG power sources with inbuilt wire feed systems and designed for the welding professional.  The units are equipped with multi-step voltage control switches and welding parameters can be easily set.  Thermal protection overload is standard.


Tradesmig 280-3 is enhanced by the inclusion of a power smoothing device which ensures high quality welding performance with CO2 and mixed gases.  Typical application areas are in garages, workshops, farms and in general fabrication where heavier duty welding may be undertaken.


For industrial welding, the Tradesmig 300 and 350C power sources are tough machines featuring a strong galvanised metal casing.  Their versatility is extended by their small footprint which means they can fit within production booths and provide flexibility thanks to three metre welding torch lead.

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