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7 March 2008


A new Murex Saffire 300 Series regulator for MIG welding is a true fit and forget solution that gives stable control of gas flow rates. It includes a number of essential safety and control features that ensure a stable flow of shielding gases from the gas cylinder throughout the entire working life of the regulator.


The Saffire Series 2+ ARC 40L regulator will save on shielding gas costs by ensuring a highly accurate flow rate. For control and accuracy it features a two stage diaphragm – the first is stainless steel and gives full control of cylinder pressure. The second, a flexible neoprene diaphragm, provide additional control and accuracy. It therefore achieves highly economic flow rates without the user of an economiser and also prevents gas surges. An adjusting knob in use shows service pressure and type of gas in use.


Saffire products are renowned for their intrinsic safety and this regulator has a number of essential features. These include build features such as a conical high strength bonnet to contain safety increased cylinder pressures; an inlet filter to prevent foreign matter entering the regulator, reduce the velocity on incoming gas and protect the regulator’s mechanism; the regulator’s BC6A CP 7 mark clearly shows when the regulator should be replaced or refurbished by Murex Welding Products.


Those companies looking for a high quality, extremely safe regulator for MIG welding that gives problem free exceptional performance in cold weather should specify the Saffire Series 300 Series 2+ ARC 40L regulator.


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