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19th January 2009


In 2006, ESAB became the first welding manufacturer to gain ISO 14001 certification for its approach to manufacturing and the environment.  One of the requirements of this standard is that the manufacturer should continuously review its practices and reduce their environmental impact.  As a result, it has now been recognised that some of the dyes used to colour electrode coatings can be detrimental to the environment.  The decision has therefore been made to remove the green dye used in the coating of the company’s Murex Welding Products branded Satinex welding electrodes.

This green dye was originally added as a recognition feature and does not contribute to the performance of the product, either in terms of welding characteristics or mechanical properties.  As a result, Satinex electrodes manufactured from the beginning of 2009 will no longer have a green coating but will be a shade of grey.  The change of colour will be seen as the stocks filter through to the market place.

Satinex is a general purpose, mild steel MMA (manual metal arc) welding electrode designed for light and medium duty fabrication applications.  It is available in 2.5 - 4.0 mm diameters with current range ratings from 70 - 180 A

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