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24 July 2008


The latest generation of the renowned Murex Tradesarc range are robust and durable welding units designed for the professional welder.  They feature large cable connectors for higher durability and an impact resistant polymer and aluminium casing.

The Tradesarc 150 and 200 are light and easy to carry, yet the size does not compromise the important cooling of the internal components. Large heat sinks and clever design ensures a cooler running machine with a longer life expectancy when used in harsh working environments. The design also helps to keep all sensitive parts inside the machine clean and dust free. The Tradesarcs are built in accordance with IP23, so they can be used outdoors — even in the rain.

The Tradesarc 150 and 200 are 230 volt single-phase power sources equipped with a Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuit making it possible to use the full range of the machine on a 16 A fuse. The PFC also protects the machines against fluctuating mains voltage and makes it safer to use with a generator. Both Tradesarcs can work with extra long mains cables, over 100 m, giving a very large working radius.

The control panel of the Tradesarc 150 has only one knob for current setting making it extremely easy to set. The more advanced Tradesarc 200 panel gives a digital display, hot-start and arc force control to fine tune the welding, a choice of MMA or TIG welding, LiveTig™ start in TIG mode, two memories and remote control facility.

The Tradesarcs supply direct current and you can weld most metals including alloyed and non alloyed steel, stainless steel and cast iron. With the Tradesarc 150 you can weld most electrodes from 1.6 -3.2 mm and some 4 mm electrodes. The The Tradesarc 200 welds electrodes up to 4.0 mm.

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