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24 July 2008


All those involved in gas welding and cutting are reminded by Murex Welding Products that the elastomeric components of pressure regulators and flashback arrestors will deteriorate with age.  This can result in units failing in service, resulting in a discharge of gas from the over-pressure relief valve and the creation of potentially unsafe indoor working environments.

As a result, the BCGA’s (British Compressed Gases Association) Code of Practice 7 recommends that all regulators and flashback arrestors be replaced or refurbished after five years in service or the manufacturer recommendations.  This approach is particularly recommended to educational establishments and laboratories where product use may be relatively low, but nevertheless prone to elastomeric failure.

To assist users of Murex Saffire branded regulators and flashback arrestors, these products now benefit from two clear, permanent codes.  The first shows date of manufacture and the second an inspection/replacement code.  Between them, these markings provide the essential age information needed by all users.

Murex Welding Products has published Saffire News as a precise guide to regulators/flashback arrestors replacement.  Copies are available from the company by emailing

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