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19 December 2008


In developing its latest range of MIG welding torches, Murex has put the needs of the welder first.  Each model offers excellent feedability, positive grip and fingertip control – even when wearing welding gloves.

The robust and lightweight MXE torches are air-cooled and are suitable for lighter duty applications.  The design also allows the welder to reach areas that are difficult to access. 150A, 200A and 250A versions are available.

For heavy and prolonged usage, the MXA range of air cooled torches is available with 3 or 4 metre cable lengths.  Models available include 150A, 200A, 360A, 400A and 500A versions.  Heavy duty nozzles are fitted as standard and all the torches have brass connection blocks. 

The MXW Super Cool torches employ water-cooling and are compact, lightweight and rugged in design. The design also keeps the handle cool and ensures that the contact tip and gas nozzle do not overheat, resulting in longer consumable life and better current pick-up.  The torches are available in three current capacities: 350A, 450A and 550A, all with standard cable lengths of either 3 or 4 metres.

All Murex MIG torches are designed to offer trouble free feeding, reducing downtime and costs.  They can be used with welding wires from 0.6mm to 3.2mm.

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