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31st March 2010


Arc welding is one of the most versatile welding processes covering MIG, TIG and  Manual Metal Arc processes.  As a proven process, the quality, durability and reliability of weld that can be achieved is unquestionable and is used across all sectors of industrial manufacture and fabrication as well as automotive body/repair shops and many niche markets.

 Having been at the forefront of MIG welding from the start, Murex Welding Products is   in the position of being able to give the best advice on arc welding techniques, applications and product specification.  The company has now provided this information in a highly practical way through the publication of a new Arc Welding Wall Poster.  It provides full details of the MIG, TIG and MMA equipment available from the company and very informative information about each of the processes.

 The wall chart in A2 size provides a guide to all the technical terms involved and will assist companies in specifying exactly the right arc equipment for any particular application.

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