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14th May 2012


One of the latest organisations to attend a Gas Equipment Inspectors Recertification Course organised by Murex Welding Products is Britannia Welding Supplies.

The Aldershot based company saw participation in the course as the ideal opportunity to ensure that key staff were recertified to stay at the leading edge of gas inspection procedures.  This allows them to continue to conduct full safety checks on individual oxy-fuel gas welding systems.  

The City & Guilds Accredited Gas Equipment Inspectors Recertification Courses are designed for existing Accredited Inspectors who have already passed the two day Certification Course.  Dave Ellwood and Nick Scriven of Britannia Welding Supplies - a leading distributor of Murex and ESAB welding products - attended the course held at Murex Welding Products' HQ in Waltham Cross during February 2012.  

Dave commented:  "The Murex course was very helpful - in fact it is a "must" in the industrial world when dealing with safety and other companies' equipment.  To be trained is to be confident in carrying out gas equipment inspection work."   The Murex Recertification course recaps on theoretical instruction on oxy-fuel gas safety, the properties of gases, safe use and the operation of systems.  It also covers how to fully test an oxy-fuel gas station and pass it off for safe use.  Details of changes to legislation, national standards as well as an update on relevant EU Regulations are also provided.  A Product Focus syllabus gives a detailed assessment of products that have recently appeared on the market and are likely to be encountered by inspectors as part of their work routines.                                                                               

Dave Ellwood  was also impressed by the overall content that Murex put into the course, highlighting the company's all round industrial knowledge and ensuring the content of the course reflected potential real life situations.

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