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Company information

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ESAB Group (UK) Ltd supply products through thier ESAB and Murex brands in the UK and Ireland.

Murex Welding Products are today part of one of the world’s leading
manufacturers of welding products and have a highly successful history
extending over a period of time.

At its UK headquarters in Waltham Cross Hertfordshire, Murex Welding
Products have a team of highly experienced and qualified staff who are always
available to offer help and advice on all aspects of welding and cutting.

The name Murex is the generic name of a large group of attractive tropical
shells which have an ancient and distinguished history.

Murex started in 1909 in Rainham, Essex and were refining metallurgists.
Among the products which were produced were metal alloys in powder
form which were suitable for inclusion in the coatings of welding electrodes.
It was natural therefore that Murex showed an interest in firms who were
producing welding electrodes and in due course they acquired two companies.
These companies were amalgamated into one in the early 1930’s under the
name of Murex Welding Processes.

In 1937 the Hertford Road, Waltham Cross factory was built and in 1938
Murex Welding Processes moved in and commenced manufacture of large
amounts of welding electrodes at the factory.

Murex continued to grow and in 1956 the Saffire revolution started with its
safety first principle – “Make it safe – Keep it Saffire”.

In 1982 ESAB purchased what was now Murex Welding Products and for the
first time in very many years Murex became part of a company whose only
interest was welding thus becoming part of a leading player in a global market.

Today, still based in Waltham Cross, Murex Welding Products offer a
comprehensive range of arc and gas welding and cutting products, welding
consumables and personal protective equipment and welding accessories.

Murex has and still remains “At the HEART of every good weld”.
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